Cybersecurity “Fitness” Review

We will conduct a “fitness” review of your company’s cybersecurity readiness. Leveraging CyberRx’s unique application of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we will assess your company’s cybersecurity capabilities in five key areas: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Upon completion of this review, you will know what areas you are doing well in, understand your breach exposure and potential financial liability, be able to prioritize what areas require immediate attention, and continuously manage your cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity Threat Analysis

We will conduct an assessment of human and non-human threat elements that could contribute to the tampering, destruction or interruption of your business, information, or information systems. The results will enable you to better understand the risks and implications of potential threats that are quantifiable and measurable.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Our comprehensive risk assessment process helps customers identify, estimate, and prioritize risk to their operations, organizational assets, individuals, and other relevant external parties. The results of the risk assessment inform decision makers of relevant threats, indicate the likelihood of occurrence of the threat, and communicate system vulnerabilities that could be exploited by the threat.

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Our continuous risk monitoring program will enable you to track the security state of your company’s information systems on an ongoing basis and to maintain the security authorization for these systems over time. We will determine if the set of planned, required, and deployed security controls for your information systems continue to be effective over time in light of the inevitable changes that occur. You will have essential, near real‐time security status‐related information that can be used to make appropriate risk-based, cost-effective decisions about the operation of your information systems.

Cybersecurity Training

Our popular general cybersecurity awareness training provides real-life examples covering important topics such as mobile security, identity theft, social media scams, and phishing. We also offer role-based cybersecurity training for system administrators and IT professionals. Our unique C-Suite Executive CyberBrief seminar provides senior executives with key information they need to know to protect their organizations. We offer online, train-the-trainer, and instructor-led classroom training that meets industry standards for compliance (e.g., NIST, FISMA, ISO).

Cybersecurity Operations

Our certified network and security engineers are experts in the installation, management, and protection of small, medium, and large complex customer networks. Our services include cyber activity and log analysis, IDS signature analysis and development, cyber event correlation and trending, incident response, vulnerability assessment, and forensics analysis.

Vulnerability Scanning

We will leverage a variety of best-in-class vulnerability scanning tools to proactively identify and document known vulnerabilities in your company’s systems or networks to determine where they can be exploited and/or threatened. We will work with you to prioritize fixes based on its findings to tighten the security of your networks.

Penetration Testing

We will leverage our penetration software and tools along with our human security experts to attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in your organization systems and networks to determine whether or not unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. The results will inform you if your systems are vulnerable to attack, if existing defenses are sufficient and which defenses (if any) were defeated during testing.

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