3 Reasons to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats!

Over half of all cyber attacks occur within organizations of 2,500 employees or less, with the majority against companies of fewer than 100 employees. Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving problem that can affect your ability to keep business, stay in business, or get new business. These are the KSGs of cybersecurity risk intelligence... Learn more from our free whitepaper.

During a senate hearing last year, the nation’s top intelligence officials warned that cyber attacks, along with digital spying, are the most prevalent threat to our security, even eclipsing terrorism. A proactive, preventative approach to cybersecurity is paramount for small businesses to defend against the continual bombardment of online threats.

CyberRx offers the most advanced assessment tools, cybersecurity procedures, expert analysis, and risk intelligence that will enable your small or mid-sized business to reduce its overall risk. Subscribe to CyberRx today and take the first step toward protecting your organization’s online security.

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What is CyberRx

First Look
CyberRx is a cybersecurity risk management innovation for businesses of all sizes. Some call what we do cyber monitoring, security assessing, or risk auditing - we call it CyberRx.
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CyberRx Subscription

A CyberRx annual subscription, based on the size of your organization, enables you to identify, detect, analyze, and mitigate your company’s cybersecurity risks. When you subscribe, you join an exclusive group of companies that are proactively taking charge of their organization’s cybersecurity health. Let CyberRx be your authoritative source of data and risk intelligence on cybersecurity preparedness and resilience.
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CyberRx Resources

At CyberRx, our experience helps us understand what really matters to you. We don't live in the past; we focus on the future. Our goal is to provide fresh insight and innovative solutions to the cybersecurity challenges faced today by businesses of all sizes. Because of our commitment to thought leadership, we regularly share our industry knowledge and lessons learned with you through our webinars and whitepapers. We invite you to come back often to connect with topics that may help you become better at what you do.
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CyberRx News & Events

Stay up to date with CyberRx in the news as well as what events we will be involved with throughout the year.
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CyberRx is a risk intelligence (RI) service that combines data, techniques and knowledge to enable small and mid-sized businesses to proactively respond to cybersecurity risks. CyberRx allows CEOs, CFOs, and other C-level executives in critical industries such as energy, utilities, health care, financial services, transportation, food and agriculture, and information technology among others to make critical cybersecurity decisions, prioritize investments, and maximize the impact of their dollars spent on cybersecurity monitoring and assessments.