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More than one out of five small and medium-sized businesses report being the target of a cyber-attack, with one out of ten being a target within the last 12 months. Half of these companies could remain profitable for only one month if they lost essential data according to a Better Business Bureau survey of over 1,000 small businesses.

Small businesses are "losing the war" as hackers and nation state actors target small company networks where they download malware, conduct spear phishing and password spray campaigns, and gain remote access to critical infrastructure. Costs to recover can easily exceed $100,000 for a significant breach.

CyberRx empowers small and medium-sized businesses with tools to improve their own cybersecurity readiness. We use our proprietary risk assessment software platform, technical expertise and processes already in place to jump start your cybersecurity plan quickly and efficiently. Our economies of scale allow you to achieve results faster, better, and for less money than you would spend doing it yourself.

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What is CyberRx

First Look
CyberRx is a cybersecurity risk management innovation for small and medium-sized businesses. Some call what we do cyber monitoring, security assessing, or risk auditing - we call it CyberRx.
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CyberRx Subscription

A CyberRx annual subscription, based on the size of your organization, enables you to identify, detect, analyze, and mitigate your company’s cybersecurity risks. When you subscribe, you join an exclusive group of companies that are proactively taking charge of their organization’s cybersecurity health. Let CyberRx be your authoritative source of data and risk intelligence on cybersecurity preparedness and resilience.
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CyberRx Resources

At CyberRx, our experience helps us understand what really matters to you. We don't live in the past; we focus on the future. Our goal is to provide fresh insight and innovative solutions to the cybersecurity challenges faced today by small and medium-sized businesses. Because of our commitment to thought leadership, we regularly share our industry knowledge and lessons learned with you through our webinars and whitepapers. We invite you to come back often to connect with topics that may help you become better at what you do.
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CyberRx News & Events

Stay up to date with CyberRx in the news as well as what events we will be involved with throughout the year.
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Using our proprietary software platform and our distinctive concierge service, CyberRx empowers companies with data, techniques and knowledge to make proactive and informed cybersecurity decisions, prioritize cybersecurity investments based on risk profile and budget, gain insights to reduce legal risk and financial liability, enable quick response to audit and compliance reviews, and align with the NIST sponsored Cybersecurity Framework and other industry standards and best practices.

CyberRx=Cybersecurity Readiness. Accelerated.