Company Overview

Champions of Cybersecurity for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

CyberRx is a cybersecurity risk and compliance company. Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, the company serves enterprises of all-sizes with a focus on small and mid-sized businesses in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, life science, communications, and government.

The company’s risk and compliance software enables companies to assess their cybersecurity readiness and gives them a path to move forward.


Did You Know?

  • CyberRx’s software is patent pending

  • CyberRx has worked with companies in approximately 50% of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors in the U.S.

  • CyberRx clients do business in all 50 states

  • CyberRx is a Maryland Certified Cybersecurity Seller

  • CyberRx is a Knowbe4 Authorized Reseller