Small Businesses Need to Beef Up their Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring, According to CyberRx Survey

Silver Spring, MD – November 25, 2014 – e-Management releases results of the company’s first CyberRx survey of small businesses, including one finding that shows 63% of the small businesses surveyed are insecure about their continuous monitoring (CM) efforts for potential cybersecurity threats. Respondents of the survey attended the CyberMaryland Conference, which was held October 29-30 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

“This initial survey is designed to collect information from small businesses on their cybersecurity readiness,” says e-Management Founder & CEO Ola Sage. Survey respondents include CEOs, C-level executives, IT support professionals, cybersecurity professionals, as well as non-IT and non-executive roles who work at small businesses. Cybersecurity experts represent the largest number of respondents.

“The survey also tells us about this community’s general awareness of the new Cybersecurity Framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),” adds Ms. Sage. According to survey results, 28% of small business respondents say they are “unfamiliar” with the new NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Still, nearly half (45%) of the respondents say “the government should mandate small businesses…to adopt the new NIST Cybersecurity Framework.”

Cybersecurity awareness training is an important activity to ensure all employees understand the ever evolving world of cyber threats. Sixty-three percent (63%) of small businesses, however, provide some sort of periodic awareness training to protect their infrastructure and data. Yet, nearly a quarter (roughly 23%) of small business respondents say their organizations never provide cybersecurity awareness training.

e-Management, for this survey, defines small businesses as organizations with 2,500 or fewer employees. About 68% of those surveyed represent small businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

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